Monday, 19 May 2014

The Bucket List.

Seems to be the order of the day these days.  Having a bucket list.  Although I have not actually sat down and done one as I have no intention of shufflin off this mortal coil just yet, it did occur to me that had I done so I would, very recently, been able to cross some off.

My first sight of a real live hare, and not one of the DP's photos.

 Ok.  This is one of the DP's photographs.  It was so far away by the time I had screeched to a halt and screamed "Is that a hare?"  He got his camera out, I wound the window down, well I pressed the button that does it, and he then focussed, it was so far away he has had to 'enhance it' so it looks like one of my paintings now!

But today......  today was MAGIC.

The DP and I had an art groups meeting in the morning so had gone for lunch to the Lighthouse Museum where he got a text from a bird watching friend to say he had seen Killer Whales at Rattray Head.  Then at St Combs.  So they were heading our way.....

I drove everyone mad leaping up to peer out of the cafe windows.  The DP left me to it.  Most of the customers in the cafe were also considering leaving this mad old woman to it when I saw them.


 Sadly my camera is crap.  So I have permission to borrow ones taken by our bird watching friend, Tim Marshall and his wife Joy for their amazing captures.

(I doubt I could have taken a picture with the best camera in the world as I was SOOOOOOO excited. )

For information. On the first photograph, at the bottom right of, you can see two seals.  We have an abundance of seals in the North East of Scotland and that's what Orcas eat.  They also eat fish.  Where I first saw them there were lots of fish as the Gannets were many and diving into the sea to catch them right where the whales first surfaced. 

Perhaps I should now be considering a Bucket List after all.  Any suggestions?


rusty duck said...

Oh fantastic! And they look so close to the shore. What an amazing experience. As long as you're not a seal.. although they seem rather nonchalant "Is that a killer whale dear?"

busybusybeejay said...

Wow.What an amazing sight.A couple of months ago we were driving along and I shouted "there is a hare in that field".I then began to doubt it but noticed a house close by called Harefield so I think I was right.You live in an amazing place.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic to see the whales! For your bucket list, how about "Write a beautiful and entertaining blog"?

justjill said...

I will certainly try in the future Christine. Obviously not made it so far.

BadPenny said...

I did wonder if those seals were lunch ! AMAZING !
Never seen a Hare & would love to & never seen a wild Orca. I have seen wild dolphins though & that can be crossed off my bucket list - even though I haven't written one !
Having just watched a video on facebook of laboratory beagles being freed & touching grass for the first time, I'd like to be involved with that - the sheer joy, but there are so many people & animals suffering & needing help, the list would be endless xx

Bucket List:1: Meet Jill & natter over a glass of red !