Friday, 23 May 2014

Why I look Chinese.

This is the second photograph I have had taken recently where I look distinctly oriental.

And I dont rike it.

The reason is down to old age - as with most things - nothing to do with the wine.  As I am in my 60s I get an eye test every year, which is perhaps just as well as about 6 months after getting new glasses I can no longer see.  Road signs, whether its a ship - or a whale -out at sea.  So although the glasses still work for things near to me, like the level in the wine bottle, I may as well not have glasses for anything else so they tend to be halfway down my nose.  
Hence the oriental image.

  My new optician (should have/would have gone back to Specsavers had I been able to get an appointment before August) looked at me in disbelief when I announced I was driving round without glasses.  But on examining me had to agree that for some reason my long sight had improved.  So another £300.

Fortunately my hearing is, well not 100%, but I so enjoy a good blast of opera.  My car radio is now permanently tuned into Classic FM.  But this grumpy old woman gets totally p****d off with getting into the car, hearing a piece finish and then getting an annoying advert, so I treated myself to -

Down the shedudio, player full blast, and my painting mojo is well and truly back!

Common Terns.

 Baby rabbit washing itself.  Not finished.

 Lapwings to be finished.

 A Black Headed Gull which will have its reflection beneath ....

A herd of nosy coos.  

Good thing nothing on this weekend.

Ha so.


Mum said...

That wine is working wonders.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Chinese with blonder hair ?

So glad you found your painting Mojo x