Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Tuesdays not tinkling, twitter and trouble.

We have had a couple of nights of keen frost.  Wonderful!  Kill off all the bugs.  Frosts been sadly lacking this Winter.  Breaks up the soil.  Hardens off the plants, kills the nasties in the air.

And looks very pretty.

The rising sun highlights our bird visitors.  This is 'Big Daddy' launching himself off one of our plant troughs down to the bird seed .

And gives Minerva McGonagall  a sunny spot to bask in.  (Not sure what she is sat in, its some random metal edifice up the spinney. We are into upcycling, recycling and freecycling but this one has me stumped)

Now that dawn breaks at a more reasonable time, around 6a.m., tho we have a bloody big moon still, the DP is back out again.  You may need to hit on the picture to be able to see it but this is a rare visitor, a Black Redstart.  (Black- red?)  

No painting for me today.  Had my Museum Trustee hat on and attended a meeting with a council representative regarding the Museums future funding.  Abandon hope all ye who enter here.  I will not bore you with a verbatim report, suffice it to say that I wish they would stop freezing our council tax in Scotland and just get on with it.

And finally.  The pig got his mates, the goose has gone on the wall of infamy (good therapy tho!)

And even more finally, (GRAMMAR!)  One of the main occupations of many people up here is to take photographs, here is one for you that is not from the DP, but someone who he knows.....Broch Photo House.


p.s. yet another finally!  Our water suddenly stopped coming through the taps this morning.  After checking all our bits and faucets we phoned the Water Company.  There was a problem, thank goodness it wasnt ours, and to keep updated we should go on TWITTER.  I DONT BELIEVE IT.


christinelaennec said...

Wow is that picture of the moon for real? I saw it last night and it did look very huge, low in the sky.

As for keeping updated via Twitter - hmph! You should have asked them to keep in touch by leaving comments on your blog. The nerve!

christinelaennec said...

P.S. I have had the same thought about council tax myself in the past few years, though many wouldn't thank me for it. I think it's a sneaky way of implementing cuts while seeming to be acting on behalf of The People.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm.. Broch Photo House does tend to use a bit of artistic licence with some of the images he publishes. If remains clear I'll try to get it for real

rusty duck said...

Great pheasant action shot!

BadPenny said...

What a moon - lovely lovely.

What a Twit - Twitter ! I ask you what have we become ? It's bad enough when they say look on their website - my mother for instance doesn't have a computer.

I love a good frosty morning. Today the fog lifted & the sun came out & it was glorious on the beach.

Marjorie said...

Love the pig. Hope your water issues don't last long.