Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Perhaps Tomorrow.

We have had a run of beautiful weather days, sunny, not too windy, and the temperature crept up above freezing.  As the weather forecast promised more of the same I promised that if indeed we had another  lovely day I would sort out the shed/studio/opera theatre/drinking den.

Sadly, we woke up to heavy mist, and cold again.  Even when the mist cleared it was cold, and dull.  Not conducive to moi to wield brush and duster, or indeed just to sort through whats been flung and piled.  Yet another afternoon of sitting very close to the heater and doing what I love best.  No, not the cans of beer, that just shows what a slut I am.  (I love making towers, ok?)    Painting.

What the Dawn Patroller loves best is taking photographs.  On Sunday he went off on a jaunt with others who like taking photographs, so here you go.  As this blog is supposed to be about the North East of Scotland....

Cullen, viaduct.

Cullen roofs.  Cullen is famous for 'Cullen Skink', the very best, ever, fish soup.  You can just see the harbour at the top of the picture below.

Portknockie.  The Bow Fiddle Rock.

A lost Mandarin Duck.


And finally Banff Bridge.

What I should have been doing while he was off snapping was sorting the shed out.  Perhaps tomorrow.


busybusybeejay said...

Superb photos.Is your den an outside shed or an inside room?

justjill said...

It is an outside room, even I would not let the inside of the house get that bad!

rusty duck said...

Compliments to the DP.
Is that a goose I spy in the making? (In front of the cans :) )

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your photos today. I have a pile-up which is, unfortunately,
inside my house in the sewing area.
have a great day.
Heather USA
trying to figure out how to not
be anon(?)
I don't have a blog and don't usually leave comments. High time I started leaving comments on blogs I enjoy.

justjill said...

Welcome Heather. Glad you are enjoying!
Rusty Duck, yep, geese everywhere.

BadPenny said...

I love your den !
Super photos from the DP.
Sunny days here & have made all the difference with the village / beach packed with half termers enjoying themselves. We were so busy in the shop which gets very crowded at times with two or three groups of people in at once !

Anonymous said...

We were on Cullen beach on Sunday! T'was fab weather for it! Don't worry, it will soon be rainy enough to tidy up your studio. :)