Monday, 18 February 2013

I think I am back.

Hey up!  I am back and dont know where to start!  You get to the stage where you think, who the hell is interested in me, my curtains, where I live, what I do, my problems, my art, my anything.
Well, shucks, who cares. Only me, so forget about her!

So, here we go.  This is what cats get up to when you are not looking.  This is Cait Sith on top of the fridge. (Which is above the freezer.)   I have heard sounds of cat thumping/ descending for some time now, but whenever I rush into the kitchen, as no cats are allowed on any work surface, there has been nothing to see.  Now I know why.  (well I am not on a work surface am I?)

Last week we had the Dawn Patrollers sister visit for a few days.  Which is always nice, but does rather overload the alcohol in the blood levels.  (No, my reason for not blogging was because I was under the table.)  

But it is difficult to still continue what one has to do and still entertain a visitor.

I began to realise I have taken on far too much!  But I have -  so lets get on with it.

Done - posters, this was the Pirate who is now on the poster, since he has been painted all the info has gone on surrounding him and 'flagged up'.  Printed off by the dozen and laminated.

Kids Activity Mornings at the Lighthouse.  First this year will be in the Easter Holidays.  The wonderful group of crafters who used to do such a magnificent job have all disappeared.  For various reasons.  So - I arranged a meeting on Thursday for volunteers, advertised on facebook, etc., and who did we end up with - vast quantity of four.

We intend to make pirate masks, parrot masks, telescopes, treasure maps, treasure chests.        Oh god please help.

I have arranged a story teller, 

Helen Macdonald, The Blacksmiths Daughter, find her on facebook.  She also sells 'Barefoot Books', which do not do pink for girls..... so okay by me.

I spent a morning gathering together crafting materials from the dim and dark corners of the Lighthouse Museum, wonderful to find them, but  one begins to realise where all the money went and why it had to then shut in 2011/12. 

Unfortunately no shirring elastic to fasten on masks, so then had to go shopping, oh I do miss Woolworths.

And of course one still had to attend ones Art groups.

Pen and ink on Wednesday.  

Thursday, playing with cling film.  (background and foreground far better than my painting of deer, thank you salt and clingfilm!)

On the same day I received a letter from my doctors asking me to make an appointment with a doctor to discuss my test results.
What test results?  

So I phoned, "Its to do with your minor surgery."  (Wart removal).  

Appointment made.  

For 24 hours, during which I imagined.....chemo, MRI scan, which I swear they will HAVE to anaesthetise me for as no way am I going in a tunnel, I have all on with lifts.  And that moment where the angels waft you up into  heaven. (dont worry I know in which direction I am going and its downward.)

Meanwhile that cat that was sat on top of the fridge begins sneezing.  Snotting all over the windows, okay, too much information, how the bloody hell do you think I felt!  I had just made the appointment for the two cats to have their annual jabs and could just about afford that - not any more, I am a pensioner for Gods sake.  

So I goes along to the docs. 

Why do they ask, " What can I do for you today?"  

Give me full permission to stuff my face, smoke 20 fags a day and drink to oblivion every night."


After much trawling through my files, I am 63 now and there are a lot of them.  It was announced that my summons was down to an Administrative Error.

It has taken me three days to recover from an administrative error, but the good news is that in amongst all the trawling he told me, "Dinna worry about your liver, its fine."



Laurie said...

I always enjoy coming here, you tell us the best stories of your life, you make us laugh and give us great info, I'm so glad you're OK but I would be PO'ed at the doctors for giving you worry like that!

BadPenny said...

Ha Ha Ha - good the liver is fine !

We would miss you if you went. I hated it when you went silent. I like your humour & bits n' pieces you tell us ... and the DP's photos & your art.

Glad you liked my post today - I enjoyed having a little one around for a few hours.

rusty duck said...

I'm glad you're OK and I'm glad you're back.
Bloody administrative errors.

Marinab said...

Welcome back Habibti (my dear)! I for one am very interested in the lovely arty things you do and your great life in NE Scotland. I NEED you to keep me up to date with life back "home"!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Like to see what you've been up to. I enjoy seeing your art skills improve and come to life. I think your daily life is interesting.
Heather from Washington State USA

♥ Tina said...

Good to see you back to your old self missus! xx