Thursday, 21 February 2013

Activities Arts and Crafts.

Yesterday, Wednesday, morning was my Art group.  We have been invited to the Loch of Strathbeg in March to be part of their Art Workshop, beavering away in the background throwing out wonderful sketches, paintings of what is around us.

One of our (leading) members, (well he likes to think he is,) had the bright idea that we should practise before going.  "Here's one I made earlier, " sort of thing, in case we cock it up.  Hmm. Now I had the meeting with the organiser of this from the RSPB and really this was not the idea.  We are supposed to troop around the reserve, sketching what we see, gathering up bits for a still life maybe, hmmm.  En pleine air, on the job so to speak.

Wasnt keen on that either, to be honest.  

Sitting in the Visitor Centre, coffee nearby and gaze out on what decides to pass in front of the window was more my idea.

But, hey ho.

Oyster Catchers.  I can't show you the full painting as its one of those narrow panoramic ones, and my camera refuses to do that.

Sketch of pink footed goose.  They will all have gorn orf to feed in the day when we will be at the Loch, tough.  I did it.

Pen and ink, and brush and ink, Barnacle Goose.

I will not bore you with all the others I have cracked out.  

So by the time I get there in March I will be all goosed out.

Now, the afternoon was quite exciting as I joined my other Art Group in Fraserburgh Library for a Celebration of Arts and Crafts in Aberdeenshire.  I did intend to show you the leaflet for that, but I seem to have lost it.

Basically there were stalls - Knit and Knatter, Closet Quilters, I did ask, and just got, BECAUSE WE CAME OUT OF THE CLOSET.  OK!

 Fraserburgh Photographic Society, the Dawn Patrollers lot, (and he was on the front row of pics. x bless.)  

The Broadsea Art Society, of which I am a member, but dont go as they meet in the evening and I dont do evenings.  

And our lot, The Dalrymple Hall Arts Society.  (I didn't even know we were called that till yesterday.)  - My Thursday Art Group.

Now this was supposed to be a way of recruiting new members.  But as far as I could see everyone who came in, and partook of the free coffee, tea, shortbread biscuits were all members of said societies.

Apart from one, lone, lorn, chap, who looked at the Broadsea Arts Society stand.  As there was no one there, they were all supping coffee and eating biscuits with the head librarian, I asked if I could help.

"I just want to go somewhere quiet and draw."  

Well, I could think of plenty places, my shed, when the opera isn't on, but ...I told him to avoid at all costs the Wednesday Morning Art group, ditto the Thursday afternoon lot and go for the Broadsea Arts lot.  Theres only about six of them, and , I hope none of them reads this blog, but they are mostly pretty ancient and quiet.  But lovely.

This morning.  Three of us braved the cold and into the Lighthouse Museum Store and brought out all the craft resources and sorted.

What a pile of stuff!  Thrown in, in boxes, in bin bags, all mixed up.  Jeez.  but we did it.
The three of us were exhausted but we did it.  So now, with plots, plans, shopping list we will be ready for the Lighthouse Museum Kids Activity Mornings come April.

No activity now, I am off to bed.


BadPenny said...

Busy busy busy ! What a selection of art groups - I hope the quiet chap finds one to suit.

A good tidy up is so refreshing - we did it in the shop & everyone feels better & customers comment how lovely it is.

Wrap up warm for your out of doors day !

♥ Tina said...

Jill, your artwork just gets more and more impressive!

You are so inspirational, being involved in so many things and rolling up your sleeves for your community. Go you! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

At the meeting of Fraserburgh Photographic Society on Thursday we got a new member who came to the stall at the library. So it was all worth while