Monday, 11 February 2013

House Beautiful.

When we moved here, as you do you upcycle, so the curtains that I loved in the other house, which were way too good to freecycle, or charity shop,  were installed.

They went very well with the brown leather settees and the bookshelves in our new sitting room.

But after a while the dark curtains became oppressive.  And I wanted the curtains to be lighter in that corner.

So I went on to my favourite curtain supplier, 247 Curtains,www. etc.  I used to always make my own curtains, but with this lot and Dunelm Mill, I just could not  do it as cheap as they could.  

So there you go, but ! I measured wrong.  There are no pleats on these curtains, s***, so another pair on their way.  
But!  the pair I have are not wasted, 
(it was my own fault, so I cant get a refund, ok?)

 I am going to obtain a piece of wood/mdf and four 'legs', from B&Q, some foam, place on top of piece of wood, cover with curtain fabric, staple,  = one large very posh footstool!  just waiting for piles of magazines, and tray of cups of coffee and home bakes.  To sit in the middle of the room.

Plus I will remake the floor lamp's shade with the fabric and make cushion covers so I will end up with a totally themed sitting room.  And..... have not totally wasted my money....

So, I leave you with, the Loch of Strathbeg, 

It is that time of year, pursuing......

Hey up, whose territory?

And back in our garden, the lengths we go to to support our feathered friends, one happy Great Tit.
And Goldfinches

Blue Tit.


So sorry Frugal gang, but this lot give us so much pleasure, with very little cost, they make our HOUSE AND GARDEN  so beautiful.

House and Garden Beautiful, with a little help from my friends.


Anonymous said...

beautiful, I like the sound of the foot stool too, perfect, what beautiful photos today!! (as always)

rusty duck said...

Oh, fantastic bookshelves!!!!
(One day soon for us too, I hope.)

Don't beat yourself up over the measurements, it's very easy to do, as I know to my cost. The fabric certainly lightens up the room.

BadPenny said...

ooh lovely & using the material for stool, cushions & lamp great. I've enjoyed buying a few bits & bobs post painting ( well we do have to support the economy don't we ?!)
Beautiful Goldfinches. What is on the pinecone - fat ?

justjill said...

Pinecone, lard, mixed with mixed bird seed and porridge oats. Then messy play! And out.

Anonymous said...

Clever you! It's all going to look lovely! Those bird photos are smashing, and thank goodness for people like you who look after them in winter, xx

Anonymous said...

I love your bird photos! And what a great idea to use the fabric to make the other things. I look forward to seeing the finished effect!