Friday, 22 February 2013


After the sorting out of crafts yesterday morning, twas the Dalrymple Hall Art Group in the afternoon.  Its good fun to sit with others who draw and paint in different mediums.  View each others efforts.

One day I might be as good as this.

But then you realise that we are all different.  And although you can admire and wish to achieve such a painting, you also realise that you never will do anything like that, but possibly, just possibly, what you do do is ok.

This is the start of my next painting, a very angry goose!

Also on the beginning board is a happy pig in a bed of straw.  Now, you just cant wait can you!  Well I can't.  I have to be dragged out of the shed kicking and screaming at the moment.  The paint isnt drying fast enough for me to do the next bit.....

But, sheesh, one has to go and do other things.

My hat today was Trustee at the Lighthouse Museum.  

Yet more vandalism.  

Windows smashed on Monday night of the engine room, no gun involved this time, they got in, or one person got in, as there is a foot print inside.  The Engine Room is a listed building, and goodness knows what else, but you are not allowed to fit double glazing, shutters, anything to deter a burglar, so something of a problem to protect.

The alarms did not go off which is questionable.  As far as we know nothing was taken once he/they got inside, they left and did not close the door.  

So today we had Bill and Ben Police Constables , and Weed was the radio attached to Bills pocket.  

Bleep, answer, undecipherable message.  

Bill "Roger".  

How long does it take to be a policeman and to be able to understand whats coming over the radio?  

Bill, "I dont, I just say Roger, and then  switch it off."  Cool.

I like a policeman with attitude.

Meanwhile upstairs in the Museum the Cafe is being blitzed.  Transformed.  

You will have to take my word for it, as no, it looks awful.  And having been dragged up there had to quickly evacuate as there was so much dust my lungs were on the point of wanting oxygen tanks.

So as a trustee I approved the wages, chatted about other problems, I do sometimes wear a sensible hat you know.  And can be quite useful although this is often a surprise to some people.  Who just  think of me as a ditzy blonde, or a total air head, or even worse.  

Which could bring me to another blogging rant, would that I had the courage to be more assertive with the nasty witchy type people, who do persist in popping up in my life and being so nasty and I really do not know how to handle it,  but, its Friday, and I now have a glass of red stuff.  Perhaps, one day the nasty witchy type people will just disappear.  

Thank God Its Friday.


Anonymous said...

Blimey what a day. More vandalism, how horrible. Really sorry to hear that, I hope the police catch them this time. xx

Terra said...

A glass of the red stuff and reading a Bible verse can work wonders on our attitudes. Since we can not change the witchy people!
I like your idea for painting a goose and a pig.
How outrageous about the senseless vandalism. You are a dear to be a trustee there.

Anonymous said...

I like your angry goose - is it an autobiographical piece, Jill? ;-) Keep up the good work keeping the vandals and other troublemakers in proper perspective.


Just wipe um off your screen and out of your head. They must have very shallow lives.

Vicky x

BadPenny said...

We had a window smashed at the community centre too.

I love your angry goose !

Now Jill - close your eyes ( read this first )
Breathe in a long breath ( if lungs allow )
Think of calming blue wishy washy colours like your wet ink paintings.

Breathe in the calm ...

All calm now ?

Now let go - imagine greys, sludge dark brooding colours.
As you exhail think swirling mass of thundery skies and aim in the direction of witchy person -

Imagine them taking on all that gunk & you are left with the calm !

It works for me - I did it to someone once & next time I saw them they had a massive ugly cold sore on their mouth !!!

Ha Ha Ha !

Try it - I'm told it is a form of meditation ( not the bit about aiming it at someone though that's not very spiritual but it sure worked for me ! )

Then have a glass of red & have a good smirk.

Let me know how it goes -
see I really am a BAD Penny !!!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment Jill and I'm asking people who they might invite to tea if space and time were no option ... you would absolutely be on my list of bloggers to enjoy a cuppa with! I love everything about this post ... that you paint angry geese not cutesy vistas, that you ask policemen about squawking radios and admire their sassy answers, that you do such great things for your community, and that wine is often the answer to your woes.

Marjorie said...

Glad the engine room is okay despite the break in.
I am sorry you are being bothered with nasty witchy type people. Hugs.
Love the goose.
Love your blog.

saving for travel said...

Vandalism makes my blood boil.

So sorry it happened.

Sft x

rusty duck said...

Yet more vandalism. I hope they do get caught.
Love the goose. Jx