Sunday, 22 March 2020

Worse to come.

Apparently those of us who have underlying health problems, like me with severe COPD, will have to self isolate for 12 weeks.  According to the DP this means not going out of the house.  Which I disagree with.   And will not do as I need my Prom visit for mental health.

So we await the letter setting out the guidelines.

Todays visit.



Beach.  Oystercatchers.  Happy.  Shorter walk than yesterday.  Bitterly cold and breezy.


Bovey Belle said...

We're having to do similar but are still going out for local walks (we never see a soul). I hope that your DP agrees that the Prom. is just as essential for you .

Jean said...

I hope you can keep going to the prom. I try to walk every day but not many people where I go. Its difficult to balance physical and mental health but equally important.

Jackie said...

I do hope you can get out for your walks. Those do seem to help us mentally and physically cope with having to stay away from people.

God bless.

Terra said...

12 weeks is so long. Can you get a medical ok to go to the Prom, like you said, mental health is important. It seems it would be ok to leave home as long as you aren't within 6 feet of other people, so the Prom would be fine.

Anonymous said...

Think I would be more concerned about contact with the carer. In Italy and China 1 in 10 have died. Could you struggle through with DP and strip washes. Petrol pumps are spreading it re.embrr to wipe down. Ellie

Laurie said...

Things are certainly becoming more frightening by the day, take care,

SusanM said...

Husband (coronary heart disease and asthma) and son (asthma) are self-isolating too. Thank goodness we can still all go out for walks; we live in a very rural area. Keep well and please keep taking and sharing your prom photos.