Saturday, 5 December 2015


My idea of walking is from car to shop or car to wherever. I have never gone for a walk as such since my kids grew up.

 Even so my normal walking pace was a quick dash here and a quick dash there.  As regards shops its grab a trolley and lean on it.  When I was diagnosed with COPD the occupational therapist was asking a group of us what she could help us with.  I asked for a shopping trolley.  So I was given the chariot.  Basically it stops me dashing anywhere.  A ladylike slow, measured, amble. ( Though I can get up a bit of a speed and now have warning hooters fixed.)  So -  I do not get out of breath.  Seemple.

 Following my 2 month battle with virus, chest infections and pleurisy I have been advised to avoid people.  So thats scooting round the supermarket out and meeting friends for coffee and/or lunch.  And physiotherapy.....

But at the same time I am advised to get my fitness back up and put back the weight I have lost.

So whats an old gal to do?

 Fraserburgh Esplanade.

 An esplanade or promenade is a long, open, level area, usually next to a river or large body of water, where people may walk.  Wikepedia.

Note the word WALK.

Well I have to own up and say I was hoping the promised hurricanes would hit but so far we havent had any. (Sorry for those who have.)  So me and the chariot went off to walk.

 This is what you see when you pause to control breathing.

 In the distance you can see a large orange bouy. My car is parked next to it. And this is how far I got on day 2.  6 Benches.  The building on the left is Tiger Cafe.  Open year round and seven days a week.  I did wonder about December 25th.

In the distance  is Tiger Hill. Part of the sand dunes.  Kessock Burn is coming onto the beach and into the sea from the right.  Turn and walk back to the car.

So today was Day 3. I walked the same distance.  A few more stops.  Counting Oyster Catchers. Any excuse.  And to control breathing.......

And do you know what?!!!!  Once it is all over -  THE WALK -  I feel wonderful.

One more bit of excitement about living in the North East of Scotland - yesterday we had a power cut.  Not just any old power cut.  When your electric goes off your phone goes off too.  So on the mobile which has to be used outside as no signal in house you phone Scottish Hydro.  From then on you get regular text updates.  So I knew that Colin, Harry and Ryan were on the case.

 The power went off at 3.15p.m just as it was getting dark.  So thats it, no phone, no heat, no light, no nothing.  Thank the Lord we had the foresight to have the woodburner installed.  The above picture shows how it really was in candlelight.

The one below shows it using the flash on the camera.  Ahhhh Ideal Home.

 The power came back on five minutes after the DP had set off for fish and chips.

I received a phone call today to see if we were alright (?)  Well the cost of a fish supper......
and to be informed it was due to a 'bird strike on a power line'. How did they find that in the dark then, Colin, Harry and Ryan.  Bloody  Swans .


Terra said...

Wonderful photo of swans. A bird caused the outage? That is hard to imagine. Your walk is in scenic places. I get energized after walking or other exercise, that is good you are feeling good after your walk.

Lynn said...

I hate the thought of a walk but love it at the end lol 😊

BadPenny said...

Good for you ! What a scenic walk you have. Oh the memories of power cut in the 70s - we kids loved it !

crafty cat corner said...

Just read your last post about the Thrush treatment, why on earth can't you buy it if you are over 60? Hope I don't get it then. lol

justjill said...

Hi Briony. I rang the manufacturers. Apparently below age 16 and above 60 it can be SOMETHING ELSE. Tho what I have no idea. Anyway at the age of 66 I think I know Thrush when I get it. Now gone as the Dawn Patroller bought it and no-one is going to ask him if he is the right age are they!

busybusybeejay said...

looks like a great walk,lovely views.