Monday, 21 December 2015

Keep your eyes on the road.

Still doing my daily walk along Fraserburgh Esplanade.  The weather seems to change every day and it is interesting to see the state of the tide.

Here the tide is about its furthest out.  If you look closely to the left you can see revealed some vicious rocks.

The tide is coming well in here.   But so far I have not been there at high tide.  Perhaps as well as the evidence it leaves shows I would get rather wet.

When the walk is in the (usual) wind my view tends to be this.  Head down and plod.  I come back the other way with beautiful views - and a lot faster.

But today I had a totally different scenario.

My walk today was inside and along the corridors of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.  

Aberdeen is over 30 miles away from where we live.  No not that far.  But most of it is not even dual carriageway and then when almost there you hit the traffic.  In fact if you dont time it right you hit it much sooner.  In fact just at the end of our lane.

My appointment was 8.30 a.m.;  This entailed us getting up at 5a.m. and setting off about 6.30 to avoid the rush hour. Or some of it. A normal jaunt into Aberdeen takes an hour and a half.  This why this photo was taken at approx 7.40. a tad early for my appointment!  The DP was driving.......  I am much more sedate.

After lots of tests and questions..I will be getting an appointment to operate and sort the cataract out on my left eye which is the worst apparently.  

The good news was that I could still see enough to carry on driving.

So I can keep my eyes on the road.

Had a second breakfast to celebrate.


Mum said...

Naughty girl!

justjill said...

Hoping you mean naughty having 2 breakfasts Mum, and nothing else. One breakfast at 5a.m. and another at 10.30. isnt really naughty is it?x

Anonymous said...

Goodness me - you definitely deserved your second breakfast! Very glad you can still drive.