Friday, 11 December 2015

More Walking and what I see.

Not the most flattering of photographs. In fact one friend said I was the Fraserburgh bag lady.

Even less flattering, but bear in mind this is the Dawn Patroller who I do not think has ever taken a flattering photograph of me.  But then its the truth.

I have now been walking every day for 9 days.  Now going faster and further.  

I do stop to take photographs.  Oyster catchers.

 Only birds surfing.

Today I walked further.  Looking back no sign of my car.  Feeling good.


I have been very lucky wth the weather.  Bitterly cold.  But not much wind.

In the afternoon its into the shedudio and painting.

And as blogger is taking for ever to upload any pictures you will have to wait or visit Buchan Birds and Beasts facebook page.


Mum said...

it's about time you stopped walking and went to bed. Nine day's walking is more than enough!

rusty duck said...

I love that you have a hooter on the chariot..
Keep up the good work, so glad you're feeling better!

justjill said...

Mum I love you.
Rusty Duck I actually have 2 hooters. A black one which is far more sonorous as a back up to the pink one. Both necessary inn crowded streets where pushchair users and disabled persons become invisible.

Tina Coveney said...

Woo, look at you go!! I need to get walking again too....slipped my disc again recently...bah humbug. Love where you go to walk, there is nothing better than sea air. Xx