Thursday, 7 May 2015

Totally - but totally - Quackers.

Now these wee beasties are going to be placed at each of the Visitor Attractions in and aroond Fraserburgh.  

There are 13 of them.  (Some yet to be painted by moi.)  

Then to raise yet more money for The Willows and to raise the profile for tourists and locals alike a quiz sheet will be sold.  Answers to the quiz can only be found by visiting the Visitor Attraction and correctly identifying the duck .  For instance.  Green Duck -= Lighthouse Museum. (Though that is not the answer! No cheating.)

Now this is where we go totally Quackers.

This is Fraser.  A very large plastic duck.


Fraser is our Ambassaduck.  He will journey all over to promote the tourism industry of Fraserburgh and area.

He is away to Glasgow this weekend.  He is booked for Dundee.  A trip/rescue by  the Fraserburgh Life boat, I hope they don't lose him......A trip to Norway.  Once in parts abroad contact will be made by his carer with the local tourism office there and we will share our information.  Fraser will indeed be an Ambassaduck!

Told you  -  totally Quackers.

And finally I have to show you the picture of the originator of Fraserburgh Yellow Ducks.  He bought the first ducks and placed them on fences to raise a smile , nothing more, nothing less.

We managed to persuade him to reveal himself.  What a lovely chap.

Malcolm Stewart of St Combs.



Terra said...

Those Quakers do raise a smile.

BadPenny said...

This gets better & better xx