Monday, 11 May 2015

Travelup will rip you off.

The Dawn Patroller likes his jaunts.  Always linked to taking photographs of course.  Plan is he is off to Sumatra, Indonesia in July.

 No, that is not the Dawn Patroller, but does have some similarities.....

As most of the time he is chief bottle washer, cleaner, gardener, log chopper, chef, purchaser of wine..... I have no problems with being left.  So long as he stocks the wine rack up before he departs,

He is not going alone.  His sister who is an even more intrepid jaunter and photographer is also going.

On one of these aeroplanes.  I hasten to add I have no complaint with the airline at all.  Indeed they have been most helpful.  No its the agent. TRAVELUP.

When the DP booked the flights he had a senior moment, dont we all, and made a spelling error in his sisters name.  He realised almost straight away and told TRAVELUP.

Now this is the bit I find hard to believe, as does Qatar, TRAVELUP  cannot alter the ticket.  

They give a time limit for name alterations which the DP was well within but carried on and issued the ticket in the wrong name.  

Which, they then said, they cannot alter.  The argument has been going on since March.

So - to ensure the two travel together, or even travel at all, as no way the DP's sister would be allowed on any plane with a name which did not match her passport,  we paid for another ticket and cancelled the original.  So they can cancel the ticket and give you another one.  But then  the refund is only the airport taxes which apparently are only in double figures not the 3 of the original ticket.  Hmmm.

Needless to say court action is being prepared.

Nasty taste left in mouth.  Yes we did contact the bank, we have a ticket, end of story. Ticket that cannot be used but hey ho.

Just thought I would warn anyone considering using TRAVELUP. 

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BadPenny said...

It can be quite stressful getting the bookings right. I hope all goes well from now on. Wish I lived nearer as i'd join you & enjoy your company over a bottle of red !