Sunday, 3 May 2015

Quackers? You bet.

The ducks continue to proliferate.

The Dawn Patroller and I purchased a 100 wee yellow ducks.  

Together with a local shopkeeper, Ian Dyga, they were displayed and on sale for £1 each. (He had more customers coming through his doors!)

Sold out in a week.

The DP had set up a facebook page.
 (I can't do links....)

People bought their duck and then placed it and took a photograph.


Then posted it on to facebook  As you can see from these few pics how much everyone is enjoying the ducks.  Lots and lots more on the fb page.
Willows Animal Sanctuary & Animal Assisted Therapy Unit  also benefitted.  
 We just sent off for another 100 ducks....
 Planning our next move.
Definitely Quackers.


Mum said...

Brilliant idea. Hope the next lot sell just as quickly.

rusty duck said...

Great fun! Good luck.

Annie Cholewa said...

What an absolutely brilliant idea!

BadPenny said...

Great fun !

Our village has an annual duck race for charity. All the 4000 or so duckies are thrown from one bridge & bob along to the next. Prizes are things like fish & chip supper, ice creams, tea & cake all provided locally. Trouble is the lady who ran it was in her 90s & died last year & I don't know who took on the task or if anyone has. This old lady looked like how I imagine miss Marple & was made a Dame in honour of her charity work. A village character sadly missed.