Friday, 15 May 2015

Duck Dreams.

Yes.  One more post then thats it.  Damn things are taking over my life.

 The sale of the little yellow ducks raised over £200.  We sold 100 on one day at Super Saturday (which is a monthly event in the Summer to regenerate the toon centre.
Here is the DP on the left handing over the dosh.  Ian on the right is the lovely chap who owns a proper old fashioned newsagent/toy shop in Fraserburgh and sold most of the ducks.  And is constantly being pestered for more.  So hey ho we have another 100 winging their way up from Englandshire.

Fraser, who Ian is holding, is Fraserburgh's ambassaduck.  The DP is the chair of Fraserburgh Area Tourism Group.  I tell you friends this duck thing has really took off.

Our brave lifeboat crew, mainly volunteers, used Fraser for their rescue exercise this week.

(I have decided to become a volunteer. I do have a bronze medal in life saving. )  Fit!

The facebook page continues to have people posting up their placing or discovering other peoples placings of the yellow ducks.

Some poignant.

Many scenic.

But - for me -  the best ones are where the wee ones find the yalla dooks.

The latest is the independent shopkeepers in Fraserburgh now want to dress their shop windows with a yellow duck.  Size in between Fraser and the wee ones.

Hence my duck dreams.


Mum said...

Come on, Ducky, stay with the flow!

Josie said...

Great post, so full of love and community spirit xx

BadPenny said...

This is such fun Jill. Love how the lifeboat crew got on board ( no pun intended )