Saturday, 27 December 2014

What happened after.

Here is hoping you all had a wonderful Festive time in whichever way you do it.

 Minerva McGonagall received her present a bit late. Yesterday. 

For some strange reason our Argos does not hold the same stock as our near neighbour, Peterhead, so had to travel the 10 miles from there to here, which we didnt want to, and strangely they didnt drive anywhere on Christmas Eve, or Day, and then took their time yesterday.

Though I doubt she knew that.  As soon as it was unwrapped and laid on the floor she was in. Curled up and purring very loudly. The cardboard box she had taken over was swiftly removed and now houses the tv the DP removed from the kitchen wall.  

Should explain that this house, when we moved into it had tvs in every room apart from the bathrooms.  

Now I dont know about you but I can only view one screen at a time, and when I go to bed I go to sleep, not to watch t.v. And when in the kitchen, I and the DP have other things on our minds than Jeremy Kyle or whoever during the day. 

 So when the dear friend recently departed, TO A NEW JOB , gave us a magnificent wine rack we both said , 
"Kitchen t.v. - remove."  

When we eventually work out the safest way to remove the electrics and aerials I will show you it.  But now the t.v. is in the cardboard box waiting to be freecycled.  And Min has her cosy cave.

Sith got booted out of his favourite chair for the present opening but didnt seem fussed.

As you can see the steroids have done their job and he is back to being a b-i-g cat.  Being weaned off the steroids now.  And blood tests coming back fine so whatever was wrong with him, although very expensive to neutralise, has gone. Well, fingers crossed.

The Dawn Patroller and I have had a good Christmas.  Just the two of us.  Not sure why we didnt have our ritual of Christmas Eve with friends.  We have shared this for years and years.  But perhaps as well as along with the lovely pressies from Santa et al, I recognised my old friend pleurisy had come to call.

So battling that, thanking my gp for giving me antibiotics always in my drawer, ibuprofen and paracetemol, and yes, at certain times, red wine (sadly not on prescription) I am slowly considering a shower tomorrow and actually getting clothes on I can go outside in.

My main present was this.



 Which quite frankly scared me to death.  I have been moaning for some time at the poor quality photos I take of my paintings and nagging the DP to do the photographing for me with his state of the art camera.

Well here I am full of painkillers, trying to focus, let alone focus a camera with all the different buttons and being told just squeeze then hold, so I will let you judge.

The above was taken with the old camera.

Ok, the picture is now finished as in background done and mounted, but is it a better zingy colour?

Hopefully better after.  As I will be.




Mum said...

So glad you had a great Christmas and what super pressies - cat and you. The wine medication seems to be doing you good. Hope the wine rack materialises soon for you and FC comes along again to stock it!

rusty duck said...

Get well soon Jill, and have fun with that new camera! Does this mean you're going to be out on dawn patrol yourself now? (You are permitted to answer with something ending in 'off'....).

BadPenny said...

Paracetamol, Ibuprofen & red wine has been the medicine to see me through the festive season too !