Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Penguins - why not!

My Art facebook page is Buchan Birds and Beasts. ( One day it will title my web site......) ( when I get to grips with it.)

In the main that is what I draw and paint.  The birds and beasts are what I see every day.  I watch sea birds from the Stevenson Tea Room in the Lighthouse Museum.

And as I drive there and to I see the beasts in the fields.

From the Shedudio I watch the garden birds.

 Not many penguins.

As many of you know my husband, the Dawn Patroller, also loves the birds (particularly) and will take photographs of the beasts (with my voice in his head, on and on, I must be able to see the eyes......), is not a bad photographer and tramps aroond and aboot so doing.

My physical disability limits me from door to car, car to door and a seat at the other side.  
So to have him is one big bonus, (in many areas I hasten to add.)

Recently asked to paint  -  a Penguin - I looked to the DP.  Not exactly Buchan but in Scotland, where Buchan is, is also Edinburgh Zoo.  To which he had gone with the grandchildren.  Possibly to see a Panda..... But he also saw Penguins!

One happy customer.  

Now once I become inspired I do tend to get stuck in a groove.  So more followed.

And more

 Ok, not from Edinburgh. These were from the Antarctic. Just happened to have a friend who has just returned.....

And more fromEdinburgh

 Macaroni Penguin.

So when I was asked to paint another Penguin.......

"Nae bother."

First day out of sick bed - down to my framers.  (He just made me laugh and nearly choke.  Something about someone wanting a painting of .......)


rusty duck said...

It's the eyes that make your paintings. You always capture them perfectly. And they often seem to have a bit of a wicked glint in them. Perhaps that's the artist as much as the beast? :)

Anonymous said...

Love 'em! xx

justjill said...

The wicked glint is all mine own RD.

BadPenny said...

You have style Jill Happy New Year to you & The DP xx

House with Hearts said...

Gorgeous paintings! I have just found your blog via Tina. You are a very talented lady! Lil x