Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Prep.

Yesterday was the Lighthouse Museum's annual wreath making session.  It is the only one where kids are not allowed! 

After having soaked 12 wreaths in my bath overnight and then had to haul the 12 wet and heavy wreaths into my car, out of it, and into the museum.  Plus half a garden of evergreens, masses of ribbons and secateurs, scissors.... I did not want to wrestle with a wreath.

So I stabbed an orange instead.

In the evening it was the staff Christmas Meal.

As always the Dawn Patroller takes me looking like the Wicked Witch of the North......

Today I finished off the Christmas Decorations.  Here are a few, there are more......

 And as my Secret Santa gift was a bottle of the red stuff I fully expect this will be my blurred view of the tree at Christmas. (Forgot to put the anti shake on the camera.)



Mum said...

Ho, ho, ho. I thought they were tyres in the bath - did you volunteer to organise the wreath making? I'm sure they all turned out beautifully. Pity no-one made you one for doing all the organising.

Terra said...

It looks like you are getting in the Christmas spirit with your wreath making, orange studding, red wine and home decor.