Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tattie Fortnight

Traditionally, here in the North East of Scotland, the next two weeks is where everyone, including children, went out into the fields and picked potatoes.

Nowadays we dont herd the kids and every able bodied unemployed person out there into the wet (usually), windy (definitely) and cold (most definitely) muddy fields.  

There is some sort of machine which extracts them while the driver sits in a warm cab and listens to his i pad or whatever.

So what do the kids do.  Well they have two weeks off school..  And many of the churches, and idiot volunteers, roond and aboot entertain them.

 This is one I made earlier.

As many of you know I organise Kids Activities at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, in the school holidays.

This time round the theme is 

Let there be Light.  

Along with Lighthouse making, there are pumpkin lanterns, lanterns, hopefully some reference to Divali, The Festival of Light, sun catchers, glitter, glue,  all great fun.  I hope.

Following my planning, obtaining supplies, I am there for the setting up and at the end the tidying up.  But while snotty nosed kids are in the activity area I am not.

I do miss it tho....... Specially story time at the end.

Apart from it being Tattie Fortnight around here it is also half term for the schools.  We get two weeks of it, but most of the other schools in Scotland it is one week only.  Then the second week we start with the English Tourists Kids.  So very busy at the Museum, shop and cafe.

As we move towards November our days continue to shorten.  At the end of Tattie Fortnight the clocks go back.  Lighter mornings for a while but dark much earlier at the end of the day.  Which means I have to be strictly organised in getting into the shedudio.

Not a potato in sight, unless thats what the hens have found.



Anonymous said...

As you say, no fortnight off down here in the Central Belt, just a week. A belated Happy Birthday to the Dawn Patroller. And I LOVE that calf peeping over the wall! You're so talented, Jill. X

BadPenny said...

Two weeks for half term ? ! Shame you can't be in with the kids but bugs & colds are doing the rounds this time of year.
Lovely to see some more of your paintings x