Monday, 20 October 2014

Taking Stock.

It is that time of year again.  Stocktaking in the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses shop.  It did occur to me it might have been a lot easier had we done this a few weeks ago.  Before we restocked for half term and Christmas looming.  Hey ho.

Naturally we have lots of Lighthouses.

 And things with Lighthouses on.

Pocket money and or stocking fillers.

 Leisure clothing by the ton.  All with Lighthouse logo.


 The book section of the shop is my favourite.  Always well stocked.  But today I was not so happy as I had to count all the books.  And guess where all the visitors were heading?  I stood open mouthed as the books flew off the shelf, meaning I had to count them again.  

Any retailer would do a stock check when the shop is shut.  But a poor charity as we are, we never shut.  And no I am not coming in before ten or after five, I am a poor, old woman, who likes her win(e)d down.

More counting tomorrow.  

Stock taking is not all about shops.  It is about what is around and about.  (Or if you live up here, aroond and aboot.)  Well this sailed past us yesterday.

 Part of the thousands of pink footed geese, who spend their winter with us, setting off to feed as dawn breaks.

And for the last few nights we have had this.

 Aurora Borealis. Photo taken by my friend Lesley Jennings,  who always lets me know when its active, even to texting at 2.30a.m. ..........

Taking Stock.  I love living here.


Mum said...

Now don't go counting all those geese and stars! Beautiful pics.

rusty duck said...

Your last two photos, and new header, have me packing my bags.

Terra said...

What a beautiful sailing ship, arising like a ghost ship of long ago. Reminds me of the Patrick O'Brian books and all his seafaring knowledge.