Friday, 11 March 2016

Seeing clearly.

Wow what a colourful world we live in !!!  I must have been walking round with my mouth open all week in amazement at the difference now I no longer have a cataract.

Before the op. I knew there were birds there, Could probably guess as to what type of bird they were.  But now - just think of the song, " I can see clearly now...."

I have been going through my paintings and wonder how I would now paint the colours.  Down in the shedudio I have just watched the brilliant colours of the birds coming to the feeders.  But it wont be long before I paint again. 

Next ?

My ribs are almost better.  Not bad for an old woman. Its 3 weeks today since the accident and I just have one area still giving me jip.

So, as the insurance paid up.  I went from this

to this.  

Matches my eyes which I can now see clearly are blue.


rusty duck said...

Excellent news Jill!

Mum said...

Less of the old woman, please and no charging around in your new car!

Lilly's Mom said...

".....I can see clearly now...." Great news! And, your new car is beautiful. My best to you, Pat