Monday, 14 March 2016

Bat watching.

Common pipistrelle is one of the UK's most common bat species. It is a small bat which is found in a wide range of habitats including farmland, woodlands and suburban and urban habitats. It often roosts in crevices around the outside of houses and buildings. It mainly eats small flies. Data on the population trends of the common pipistrelle are collected through two surveys: Field Survey and Roost Count. 

Bat Conservation Trust.

As the earth tilts our days get longer. This evening as we ate our evening meal at 6 p.m. we
enjoyed watching the bats zooming back and forth past our patio windows.  

We knew they were pipistrelle as we have a bat detecting machine which maximises the noise they are making so we can hear it and identifies the bat making the noise.  Cool eh?

Unfortunately we dont know how to take a photograph of such a creature zooming past our windows.  But the Dawn Patroller is on the case.  He now has a lens and a scope for everything.  Hmm.

Earlier I had done my walk on Fraserburgh Esplanade.  Now into our second day of fantastic weather.

This lovely dog made me laugh.  Once let off he ran and ran and ran.  Round in circles and they got bigger and bigger.  Last seen heading to the next bay with the owner in hot pursuit.  Hope it all ended happily.  One batty dog.

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rusty duck said...

I'd love to be able to photograph the pipistrelles but they just go too fast! If the DP comes up with a way, do tell..