Monday, 7 March 2016


Today I had my cataract operation.

Despite everyone telling me it didnt hurt, well no it didnt, but it was bloody uncomfortable. Laid flat, with ones head in a well and then a pillow shoved under your knees - why?  Wanted to move up a bit and then the bruised ribs kicked in.
Trying to breathe, relax, etc, while the consultant is describing what they are doing is not helpful when they want you to relax. "I am now chopping up your cataract. Send in cataract water, you will feel water flushing over your eye, keep looking at the light, I am now pressing in the new cataract."

  Well. What can I say.  

When I have the other eye done I will try and relax.


Marjorie said...

Hugs and quick healing wishes

Terra Hangen said...

Sounds a bit unpleasant but very worth it.

Mum said...

Breathe deeply, it will soon be over and your super powers will be restored.

rusty duck said...

Brave girl. Hope you are recovering. And hopefully a nice glass of red is allowed.