Saturday, 5 March 2016

Fraserburgh Beach

I try to walk on the Esplanade every day.  Sometimes the weather is against me. I don't mind the rain, the wind if its not too strong or the cold. But when they combine together its hard work.

Whenever possible I look around me and see what is going on

There are usually sea birds.

One of my top favourites is the Oyster Catcher.  I have done many paintings of this bird.

There are, on the beach, usually dog walkers.

And on this occasion a pony walker.

Children playing or just looking.

Sometimes there is evidence left to raise a smile.

Arthur and Allison were here.

And some evidence one would rather not see.......

But, I do love Fraserburgh beach.


Terra Hangen said...

What a pretty beach and I like that pony walker.

Lilly's Mom said...

So nice to see you out and about. I love your painting.