Friday, 28 August 2015

Where did August go?

Is it me and old age?  Whizzed by. All the local Galas, every village has one. Many last a week, all done.  Open days. Lifeboats, gone by.  

 Barley harvested.

 Northern Lights, Aurora, with us.  Apparently always there but depends on the clouds, the moon, whether it is visible with the naked eye.  This was.  2 nights ago. From our dining room patio door we watched it. Dancing.  Later, after we had gone to bed, the red bits joined in.  Was also visible last night.  But - well, one can get a bit blase......!!

Then there is now the imminent advent of North East Open Studios.

So a fair bit of tarting up to do.

Four shedudios. We four are the Hidden Corner Artists and have created a mini trail to lure people to visit.  Mine is the last picture.

So. Roll on September.



BadPenny said...

The Northern Lights must be stunning.

Have a fun successful open studios x

rusty duck said...

This whole year seems to have whizzed by, but especially the summer.

Lilly's Mom said...

You live in such a special place. I loved seeing your photos of the northern lights. Have fun with your open studios.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that all looks so beautiful. Wish I could come have a peek. X

Lynn said...

Loads of luck 😉

em said...

Good morning! Just thought you'd like to know that your rather beautiful studio was featured in an article I've just written about She Sheds and Shedquarters here:

It really is a lovely space and I've no doubt I'm not the only one now moved to set about refurbishing a tumbledown structure at my own home!

Thank you for the inspiration!