Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Some of you caught the post I did yesterday evening prior to my removing it.  

Basically yesterday evening I had a visit from the police.

They had received an anonymous tip off that I was driving without being able to see properly..  The anonymous tip off was made 3 months ago following my April post on having cataracts.  Said post written in my attempt at humour when being presented with an unpleasant fact.  

Of course I could and can see perfectly well. 

The fact it took the police 3 months to speak to me about this shows how serious they treated an anonymous report.  

Which is how we should and do react to anonymous comments on our blogs.

However a visit from the police at 8p.m in the evening meant it took them a while to convince me they were not here to report a death or serious injury to one or more of my nearest and dearest.  I am sure that my anonymous enemy is rubbing their hands in glee at that.

My knee jerk reaction to all this was the post I wrote last night and to stop blogging.

 But then, on reflection, some of the other details the police gave from this anonymous 'tip off' made me and my partner  realise I knew full well who it was from.

Whether I am right or wrong on that I care not.  I will not allow anyone to prevent me living my life and doing or writing what I want to do so long as it does not harm anyone and shows due respect to all. If I can raise a smile even better.

 Perhaps the sad individuals who need to get a life should follows the same aspirations.


Lynn said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Long may you continue. Your sense of humour and take on life is what makes your blog an enjoyable read.

Best wishes
Frances SW

Anonymous said...

I agree, well said.

Frances SW

justjill said...

Thank you Frances SW even tho you came up as Anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief! What is the world coming to? You can see why I ended up giving up my blog! Well done you for keeping going!! Xx

BadPenny said...

Was it the same anon who commented on your hairstyle once ? ( I have a long memory !) I'd miss you Jill so please stay put xx

justjill said...

Never sure Penny. Had a run of nasty people just lately. Off to find something to smile -and blog about. x

Anonymous said...

I echo all those who say, don't let a nasty Anonymous put you off sharing your very funny view of the world (pun intended) with us! Dear, dear, dear, dear... what is wrong with people?!