Sunday, 16 August 2015

Minerva McGonegal.

Whatever happened this cat purred.  Sometimes took a while to get going.  When she was knocked by a vehicle.  She came in and purred.  Only three working legs. She purred.  Operation pin the leg on the cat as opposed to the donkey, she purred.  Attacked by a feral cat and the same leg dislocated at the hip she purred.

Tuesday this week she began suddenly to have major fits.  After a while she purred as I comforted her as she came round.  After four more major fits she didnt purr.  

We humans can take our loved ones and have euthanasia administered.  We did. Echoing John Gray who is a fellow blogger, would that the powers that be allow us to go down the same road.

I can still hear her purring.

No comments please. Its over. But thanks for me being able to tell someone.


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