Sunday, 6 September 2015

Setting up for NEOS.

It is a good job this North East Open Studios is only once a year.  

My attempts at displaying my wares is not the best. 

I had the idea of having my paintings put onto mugs.  Well impressed. Photobox. No they are not sponsoring this post. (But I am open to offers as I have spent so much with them!)

I was so impressed with the mugs - and the packaging - each in its own box, I selected more and more. So if you are related to me and get a Christmas gift from me no clues as to what you will be getting.  All the ones that do not sell.

Although I have already sold two of these via my facebook page. Buchan Birds and Beasts.

 Trawled through the browsers.  Some removed and gone to the drawer of infamy.

 Thanks to the DP the outside has been weeded, tidied and plants purchased for me to pot up.  I now have a grand entrance!

Framed paintings hung.  Although one did fall off and had to be re-framed, so with that and photobox purchases, the tax man can not bother with me.  Already in the red.

Still its more about being part of it all.  Welcoming people in to my sanctuary, making teas and coffees, providing home bakes.  Demonstrating how easy it is to paint!  You can make a mark on a piece of paper?  You can do it too!

Yeah.  8 days I have to sit down the shedudio.  From 10 til 4. 

Might catch up with all the work in progress...................

Left on one side while I set up for NEOS.



Lynn said...

It all looks great ~ relax now and enjoy!! X

rusty duck said...

They'll all be flying out of the door. Good luck!

BadPenny said...

It's all looking fresh & bright. Love the idea to print onto mugs !

Anonymous said...

Great idea! People will love the shedudio, I so much wish I could come too. (Home bakes?! Don't overdo it Jill!)