Sunday, 2 March 2014

Movers and Shakers.

First let me tell you that we viewed the house at Cairnbulg.  But so had many others and there were already five notes of interest.  This means it will be going to sealed bids very soon and we are not so daft as to make an offer when we haven't even got ours on the market.  Hey ho.  So now its on with the decluttering, booked the surveyor who will do the Home Report and valuation of ours, and more internet trawling.

The Law on house purchase and selling is different in Scotland  to the rest of the UK.  We do not have estate agents.  Solicitors are estate agents.  They charge a fee similar to an estate agent and do the advertising etc. but on the whole I think it comes out cheaper and you are just dealing with one person/company.  The other big difference is that once you make an offer and it is accepted there is NO backing out without high financial penalties.  So on the plus side no gazumping, as once the offer is accepted the seller cannot back out either.

Right thats the Movers out of the way, now the Shakers.

 Yesterday we attended the wedding of one of my closest friend's daughter.  A Humanist Ceremony which I found very moving.  No-one given the chance to shout when, "If any person here present knows of any lawful ......"

But like most weddings while the Official Photographer interminably posed people and tried to get everyone to smile at the same time the rest hit the champagne.  It looks beautifully sunny, which it was, but it was also just above freezing out there.

 I do not like white fizzy stuff.  Fortunately I met a kindred spirit who was staying at the large house wherein was the wedding.  She had red wine in her bedroom, never travels without it, now why didnt I think of that?  So she and I were well away.

 The Bride.  Very Downton Abbey.  And it was nice to see that all the many trips i took with her to the dental hospital, when she was small, and Mum was at uni, paid off.  Beautiful.

 And what Scottish wedding would not have a piper.  This was a female of the species, and excellent.
As the celebrations progressed to the evening.... this was one happy guest.



Terra said...

I like the bride and her pretty hair piece and dress and the groom's attire too. You have a great friend with her traveling red wine! Where do you want to move, after you sell your house?

BadPenny said...

Beautiful bride in her vintage attire. Looks like a very happy day was had.

Anonymous said...

Now this is news to me - you're moving! But within Scotland, from what you say? Very interesting. I wish you much luck with your sale. The best time of year to do it, and your part of the world is the property hotspot of the country at the moment so take advantage.

What a lovely wedding that looks to be - and you look fab! Very pretty dress on you and I like those silvery sandals.

Hilarious, a woman who never travels without red wine!