Monday, 3 March 2014

Trying to be like a blogger, well some of them, thank god for the ones I follow.

I try most days after finishing painting or whatever to catch up with other peoples' blogs.  This is usually on my tablet and is so frustrating as when I try to comment it sends me off into the ether.  So, apologies for me sometimes being apparently ignoring you.

Some blogs I read make me feel totally inept.  So organised!  One actually has her whole weeks wardrobe worked out and takes photos to show. Others have their menus planned and shopping for done for the whole month.  I don't work like that.  Sorry.

What I can do, if anyone is the slightest bit interested, is tell you about my week.

Remember I am almost 65 and retired.

Today. Monday.  I spent the hours from waking to leaving the house at 10.30.a.m. having one slice of toast and marmalade (home made) (with no bits in as thats the way I like it) two blood pressure pills and two inhalers,( all this is done daily). Writing, printing off and laminating biographies and labels for an art exhibition setting up Wednesday.

I then went off to be part of a committee on another Art exhibition which will be taking place in June.  And yes, I now have even more tasks I stupidly volunteered for.

Working lunch with the Manager of the Lighthouse Museum. 12.30 -1.30.

Had a quick zip round looking at potential houses for sale from the outside.

2p.m. Met up with my picture mounter and framer.  Discussed mounting and framing, collected one done.

3p.m. Home, Shedudio, painting.   Answering phone to problems at Museum.

All this done in jeans and a jumper and pretend , oh I cant remember what they are called, from Australia,boots, expensive, but only £5 in Primark. Shugs?

Evening, crashed out in front of the t.v watching women giving birth, QI and about to watch the Banks detective thing.  Now dressed in pyjamas and dressing gown.  Asda,  and glass of red.

Tomorrow.  Phoning doc to double check my appointment for starving overnight, providing a urine sample etc. and please god I have the date right and its not the same day I have to do physio. 

 11 -12.30 Physio.  Lunch at Museum. 1.30. meet other trustee to put up 'Before the Storm' and 'The Storm' Art exhibition.

7p.m. til 9p.m. presentation at the Swimming Pool(?) on Be Part of the Picture.  Some arty farty rubbish our council are spending our money on.

Wednesday a.m. Hanging my exhibition and a delightful lady from Lithuania's paintings, hers are all very dark and gothic, well you have all seen mine.......

I may have Wednesday afternoon to catch up on my own painting.

Wednesday p.m. talk to local Rotary on my doings on the Lighthouse Museum, oh god in between today and then I have to put all pics to illustrate said talk onto a stick......

 Thursday.  Well I know I have physio 11- 12 and my other art group from 1p.m.

Friday ahhhh hair cut and colouring 9.15a.m.  Hair dragged through plastic cap, no relaxation there.   

2p.m. Meeting with other trustees of museum.

Saturday/Sunday decluttering big time to put house on market.

Now how many of you have your eyes glazed over!?

As far as the wardrobe is concerned I will probably have worn the same jeans, same boots, but everything next to the skin is replaced regularly......I have not been near a supermarket, local shop or butcher - the DP does all that.

Lets go back to talking about the fun times.


Laura Amy said...

Goodness me, your life always sounds so busy - how DO you do it?!

simplyvintage said...

My goodness you are busy! After he retired my father always used to say that he didn't know where he had ever found the time to work. I'm sure all your hard work for the exhibition will pay off, I always love seeing your fantastic art work and I'm sure others will too. xxx

rusty duck said...

Glad to see you have heeded all the advice about slowing down a bit!!

Terra said...

Are those Ugg boots you mean? They do look comfy, and I am retired too. The days seem too short to do all I want to do, and each one has variety, as I can see that yours do. I write and garden as 2 creative activities.

Mum said...

Phew, I need a rest after all that lot.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

I think you are highly organised Jill xx

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh I finally found you! Its me Laurie from I love a cloudy day, when my sight became much worse I thought my blogging days were over so I deleted my blog, through the magic of technology I am back with a visual aided computer, I have to searc out all my friends and wow what a job, I have a brand new blog with almost the same name, I have joined to follow you again so I will be back!!!!