Sunday, 22 September 2013

With the Bad comes the Good.

Slowly recovering I did go out this morning.  We recently had a new supermarket opened to rival Tescos.  Everyone very excited.  This morning was my second visit since its launch onto the Fraserburgh natives and surrounds.  Now I apologise for this but certain letters of its title I would like to alter, the two in the middle would give you some idea of how bad it was, using an r and an s.   You could alter the last letter to e too.
I couldnt find anything I wanted.  After queuing, for what seemed like an age, I finally got to the bit where you begin to load your shopping on to the belt.  Before I could lift one of my meagre purchases the "Checkout Closed" sign nearly sliced my fingers off.  When I queried this as there were only three check outs open and there were still queues up the aisles, "Oh I didnt see you there."  No I may be small but I am taller than the conveyor belt.  But I had to then join another queue, which did nothing for my recuperation.  Came home and collapsed.

The DP kindly agreed to take my paintings and his photographs off to New Pitsligo for the Art Exhibition which will be open to the public next weekend. This is an annual event and has been going for a considerable number of years.

 Last year I received a Highly Commended for my Common Tern.

This year I have sent in,

 Bill and Coo.

And 'Shelter'.

The DP has sent in two of his photographs, one I havent a copy of which is of a wind turbine, proliferating fast round here, and this one of the Harbour, which I love.

Now with the bad, being ill and told to take it easy, is the good, I am painting loads and really enjoying it.  I have finished the Alliums.

 And made a start on my tryptic (?) of seals.

So there you go.


Anonymous said...

You talented pair! :) xxx

Mum said...

I've just worked it out - took some time but I got there in the end.

Great pictures. I like the alum and Shelter. The DP's photo is stunning.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

your work is beautiful, congratulations on the award and I bet you get another this year, so sad you had the inconsiderate check out person, she must really love her job, NOT!!!!Keep resting, and painting!!!

rusty duck said...

Love those coos..

BadPenny said...

Shelter is stunning & I like the light in Bull & Coo' eyes. Oh the harbour looks beautiful at night.

Bloody hell, I'd have left the shopping there still in the basket !

Lynn said...

Love the alliums and photo - get well soon.