Friday, 20 September 2013

Laid Low.

Had to happen.  Despite banishing the DP to the spare room, I was flattened by an attack of Pleurisy.  I know immediately it is with me and zoom off to get antibiotics.  Two days in bed in agonising pain, but in the antibiotics kick and I am out of bed.  Down the shedudio.

 Above, a very UnCommon Seal.   Spotted at Rosehearty just up the coast from Fraserburgh.

And a stoat running across the road, nearby.

We had our youngest daughter visiting this week.  So she and the Dawn Patroller were off to view other Open Studios and the beautiful country side.

Pennan, above and below.

New Aberdour, one of the caves.


Now the above is Tarlair, near Macduff.  An open air swimming pool it was.

Tarlair Swimming Pool opened in 1931 at the base of a sea cliff just outside Macduff in Banffshire (now Aberdeenshire) in Scotland. This outdoor swimming complex was built in an Art Deco style with a main building backing onto the cliffs and changing rooms to its left hand side. It was commissioned by Macduff Burgh Council in 1929, with the architect being John C Miller, the Burgh Surveyor of MacDuff. The contractor for the project was Robert Morrison & Son of Macduff.[1] Since 2007 it has been protected as a category A listed building. It is considered by Historic Scotland to be the best example of only three surviving outdoor seaside pools in Scotland, the others being at Stonehaven and Gourock.[2]
The design of the pool was a clever use of pumped sea water to fill the pools, and flooding of the main pool at high tide to flush out the old water. The main pool had a diving board at the deep end and a child’s chute at the shallow end, though both are now missing. The second-largest pool was a boating pool with the two remaining pools being paddling pools.
The complex is now in some disrepair with a mixture of weathering, rock falls and vandalism being the main causes. In 2010, a proposal was put forward for redevelopment of the complex as a lobster hatchery.[3] In 2012 a small group of local residents in the Macduff community created a "Save Tarlair" page on the social networking site Facebook, which drew the attention of over 7000 followers to the plight of pool complex. A community group "Friends of Tarlair " has since been formed and is working with Aberdeenshire Council to try and find a way forward for the site as a community facility. Wikepedia. 

 Apparently funding is now available.


 This how it once was.  Lets hope it is successfully brought back to life.


And finally, Macduff also has its very own Bow Fiddle Rock, not as large as the one at Portknockie, but still awesome.

Hope you enjoyed - and that I too come back to life.



Anonymous said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear you're ill again! :( Get well soon!

I remember Tarlair pool when I was a teenager. We went to an open air rock concert there and we were all jumping about in the water to the music...great fun! :) It must have been wonderful in it's hey-day, I hope they restore it. xxx

justjill said...

Well roll on the next rock concert, we will have a bloggers meet up!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon, that is a beautiful beautiful seal, I certainly hope that treasure is restored, what a wonderful place to visit,

rusty duck said...

Did enjoy, great pictures. I'd like to see Pennan.
Your stoat and seal are so lifelike!
Hope you're feeling better today. Get well soon, and get some rest!

BadPenny said...

Oh wow just look at that pool in it's hey day. Hope it's successful again.

Hope you are feeling much better x