Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Still Standing

But only just!

Our Art exhibition with North East Open Studios (NEOS) has been a fantastic success.
We had over 300 people visiting during the eight days the exhibition was on.  The exhibition is still there in the Lighthouse Museum, but we are no longer manning it, so people wanting to view have to either prove they have a Fraserburgh post code or pay the Museum Admission fee, and still they come!

Here are some more images of the exhibition.

 Lighting effects courtesy of the Lighthouse Museum Lights!

The sales have been awesome.  Still not in the black for any of us as once you balance cost of materials, framing, and labour, dont forget the labour. But there is no price to be put on the sheer pleasure of creating and having someone appreciate enough to shell out the cash!!

Sunday was our last day and we had quite a queue of people who were wanting to come in  - and then being barred by the BBC.  (British Broadcasting Company for my overseas visitors.  The main and oldest broadcasting scion of Britain.) (Rules the waves.)

Our art lovers were vociferous in their complaints.  

But at 2p.m. Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond was broadcasting live on t.v. from our exhibition!

Now if that blue framed picture behind his right shoulder was turned round the world would have seen my pair of Gannets doing a mating dance. Bum.  Could have had a bidding war.  (Although he loved our exhibition the public chat was all about independence of Scotland, we are breaking away from the English did you know, so they cant have any of our oil money and we will save Royal Mail from going private, and oh lots of other stuff.) (He's got my vote .) (Theres only Royal Mail where we up here we dont have to pay exorbitant amounts for delivery from morons darn Sarth who think we are a)on an island, or b) only have stage coaches or c) we dont have roads, or d) on top of a very high mountain.)

Lots of other places open showing art, including one close by that we all put stuff into as it was a competition.  I got a highly commended for my Herring Quines, which meant I didnt win anything.  Concrete, like money.

So now I am not standing but sitting beavering away at painting more pictures to replace the ones sold, and to enter another exhibition in ten days time.

Youngest daughter visiting at the moment who has been out and about with the DP visiting some of the other NEOS events.

Bit more way out than us.  But - still standing.



BadPenny said...

Wow you've done very well ... not commenting on politix !!!

rusty duck said...

Hope you were wearing your posh frock..
Well done.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

So glad the exhibition did so well. All your successes are very well deserved, you have worked so hard to hone your skills :)

Anonymous said...


Great blog. I am moving to North East Scotland in 3 weeks. I am nervous as I don't know anyone in the area but I am also excited about the move. Your blog has made me feel really positive about moving to such a beautiful part of the world.

Thanks :)

justjill said...

Welcome anonymous. You know where to find me! Come say hello.