Saturday, 21 September 2013

Stir Crazy.

There is only so much time one can spend watching dust fall and counting the dead Daddy Long Legs in the corners of rooms.  I cleaned the bathroom I use most, my excuse, getting rid of any germs, while the DP was out shopping.  (I am not allowed to do anything vigorous so I did it very s-l-o-w-l-y.)

He made a detour, well actually he does this every time he shops, calls in at Cairnbulg to try and snap the seal who usually swims off on sight of him.  But today it posed.....

 Needless to say I feel a painting coming on, in fact four paintings, might do a whatever they call  -one more than a tryptic.  Its the facial expression on each picture that is sooooo yummy.

The DP also worried me when he suddenly went down on the ground, ye gods he has collapsed, but no, it was to photograph this

Hmmmm.  I will give it a go. Someday.

So - what else could I do/allowed to do?  Down the shedudio thats what.  Remember me buying and having to plant over a 100 Alliums?  Well no way did over a 100 Alliums come up.  But those that did were magnificent.  As they 'went over' I broke them off and have three vases full of them drying beautifully.


Beginnings of painting.

Now then Autumn is slowly beginning.  The Pink Footed geese are coming back in huge skeins, the starlings are beginning to get together and soon we will witness their murmurings, where they paint pictures in the sky, (another idea for a picture).  

So if my betterment continues I think a bit of retail therapy is in order.

How can s-l-o-w-l-y wandering round a shop become a problem?


Mum said...

Take it easy.
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

Glad you're feeling better.
Canada geese coming over here. Masses of them. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad DP got the seal shots!!!! Wow, now thats something I would love to see in person, you take care of yourself, go easy or you'll never get well, take care,

Anonymous said...

Hope you keep getting better so you can paint more of those AMAZING allium pics! Gorgeous! Love that posing seal too! :) xxx