Monday, 31 October 2016

Some positives some not.

Last week our Gardening duo came and gave the grass its last cut this year.  They also did a massive clearing of the beds.

The flowering shrub on the left needs a severe pruning. Think it is a Potentilla, but I can not remember the colour even.  Hence the threatened hair cut.  But gone are the mass of dead Hosta leaves to the right.  Underneath the Pussy Willow is a deceased cat.  The Dawn Patroller has the bed on his list to plant some Autumn /Winter colour.

The bed to the side of the house.  The patio door is into the kitchen.  Again a lot of drastic shrub pruning required.

Finally here is Sith on the new patio with the side garden of that cleared.  Also the Honeysuckle arch down the steps has been cut back.  Sadly beneath the soil here is Bishop Weed.  AKA Ground Elder.  A pernicious weed to quote Google.  Indeedy.  Unfortunately
my instructions of "There are things in there I want to keep."  should never have been uttered.  The only way to get rid of Bishop Weed is to dig every last bit out and then pray.  
Or rather do it all again and again.  So sod the pretty Aquilegia, the Poppies, the Paeony  we do have duplicates of all these - so zip my mouth.  The 2 gardeners would have eradicated the BW so I am in disgrace.

We had the visitation of Daughter number 3 and 2 grandchildren.

Family trait - we all talk with our hands.

And in the normal fashion talking by mouth when painting with Grandma and explaining how boring Assembly is when you have to fold your legs and cross your arms.  I am sure it was the other way round when I was at school.

As they left I was felled with yet another chest infection.  Obviously the previous week of visiting various health departments etc was a bit silly of me mixing with people quite possibly having an infection.  So bed has been where I have been since.  Just managed to stay upright today.

Seriously considering becoming a recluse.  Insisting Doctors, nurses etc. see me in the car park.  

Then the mains water went off.  But its back.  Almost.  A positive.  Think Positive.  Not long before I am back down the Esplanade again.


Mum said...

Think positive - there's a rainbow in the sky!

BadPenny said...

Lovely post Jill. Lovely looking grandchildren. We have bindweed curling up shrubs here x