Friday, 21 October 2016

More old age stuff.

Been a busy and tiring week.  Tuesday I went to a drop in session at the library on cleaning your hearing aids.  Mine were clean so passed that.

Wednesday   The Doppler test.  This entailed a blood pressure cuff on my arm and then on one ankle and then the other.  Apparently all was well.  Apart from me who had to lie flat on my back for the test.  Really do not like lying flat on my back.  Well just occasionally.

Referred back to the gp.  But why?  Quite happy to be told nothing wrong for once.

Thursday I had my hair done.  Just tiring in explaining to the young woman washing my hair that I had no plans for the weekend.

Today was the opticians.  Second eye cataract op now due.  Apparently if all goes wrong I have the one bionic eye so can still drive.  But will struggle to paint and draw.

My daily walks have been curtailed as all these appointments were after I do my walk so I was clock watching all the time.

Flying Dutchman. Photo by James Ritchie.  Saw this. My photo was crap.

Weather been brilliant all week. 

Hope it is tomorrow and I do a proper walk.

Too tired to even blog properly.  Forgot on Monday I had my flu jab.


Mum said...

It's one **** thing after another isn't it. I was at the doc's today too and am waiting appointments at the hospital. Oh, and they wanted more blood from me so that was my morning today. Hope all goes well for you.

Lynn said...

Yep loads of medical stuff for me too.

I think of myself as a high end expensive and exclusive car whose body work needs a lot of care and polish.

Makes me feeling better than acknowledging the clapped out, rust heap, mot failure that I really am ☺