Sunday, 16 October 2016

Escaped the house.

 I have been stuck inside the house for 2 days due to 40 mph winds and lashing of rain.  Today was 20 - 30 mph .  So I finally got out to the beach and wind tested the new coat.  Which passed.

The high winds also made the trip down the garden to the shedudio a no no.  But today I sailed down.  

This painting is from a photograph I took a few weeks back.  Its title - "All together now..."  Just makes me smile.  Not quite finished.  (Herring Gulls - Scurries )

This one is finished.  (Ptarmigan.)  Pen, brush and ink.  This is to be our Christmas Card this year.  The DP has added some suitable wording, now I have to create the cards.  I have vague ideas floating re actual costly gifts.  I am usually sorted mentally by this time of year.  Just lack the funds !  As our family increases I try every year to say Christmas is for kids but no-one seems to agree...

Hey ho.  

There is a fantastic potter not far away.  

Millshore Pottery.  Near Pennan where Last Hero film made.  May have to escape soon and get Christmas sorted.  Shop local and all that.  And there are a few items I like too......

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Anonymous said...

That Ptarmigan painting is gorgeous. You should definitely buy yourself a Christmas present!