Saturday, 12 September 2015

North East Open Studios. Day 1

The first day...


I opened my studio at 10 a.m.  This was me at 11 a.m.  

Just after 11 people began to arrive.  And never stopped.  I had all on to eat at  - around - lunchtime.  

I had some lovely shortbread and sweeties for the visitors.

Although looking at some fellow entrants facebook pages it was more a bake off than an artists studio.

Come on!!!!

After 10 years running a bed and breakfast, once retired, I gave up baking for ever,

The delicious shortbread was donated by a lovely friend. The sweeties came from Tescos.

For once I was not annoyed they were bringing in Christmas stuff in in September.  Those large tins for a fiver that we end up eating far too much of.

I much prefer painting.  And the idea is to meet the artist.  So this one managed to do a bit.

Back at the drawing board tomorrow and serving coffee and teas and smiling and chatting, most of which I dont find difficult.


busybusybeejay said...

we have a similar thing here in North Wales.It is called Helfa Gelf/Art trail.It is in for three weekends where you can go and visit artist's studios and see their work and chat to them.We visited a potter and a weaver this morning and more tomorrow.Hard work but I am sure very rewarding for you.Barbara

Terra said...

Your open studio sounds like a success with a lot of people showing up to "meet the artist."

BadPenny said...

art & cakes - Bliss !

Elinor Grieve said...

Just to say Jill that I do not appreciate your comments about my baking for my neos guests. If I want to extend my hospitality to them then I will. Neos is a social event - it is not all about selling