Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Solar Eclipse - and mine..

The North of Scotland is ideally placed to see a near-total (c.94%) solar eclipse on the morning of 20th March 2015. If you saw the eclipse in 1999, this will mean that you will be one of very few people who were lucky enough to observe two major eclipses in their lifetime – the next total eclipse visible in Britain won’t be until 2090!

Get the best view in Fraserburgh from the top of the lighthouse, along with a delicious full cooked breakfast on the morning of the 20th March! Tickets will be £12 only. The price includes access to the lighthouse and breakfast which will be served between 8.15 and 8.30 in our Stevenson’s Tea Room!

Am so looking forward to this.  I wont be around for the next one, thats for sure.  

Following on from last weeks chest infecti0n came pleurisy.  Which was even more unwelcome as I had two of my four daughters visit, together with partner of one and my granddaughter.

Plenty to do here so they all had a good time, as did the Dawn Patroller.

At Macduff Marine Aquarium suitable awestruck.

But a bit scary when the diver goes in the tank to hand feed the fish and then comes over to wave at you.

 (The toy dog is Storm which was loaned by the nursery N goes to.  A full illustrated diary of his journeying in return!)

Hoping my eclipse is only partial.  Back soon.


rusty duck said...

Get well soon Jill. Take care.

Mum said...

Hoping it's not too long before you come back into the light again.

BadPenny said...

Poor you, poorly with visitors. I hope they looked after you. Great idea to take Storm out & about !