Friday, 20 March 2015

Shades of Grey.

Five Grey Beards.
This photograph was taken in my framers work shop. That's him in the green t shirt. 

I enjoy my visits here.  Cup of coffee, sort the world out, view the changing display of art work on the walls, and obviously - so do others enjoy their visits.  I have often been there when one of the members of a dynasty of a fishing family is there and out come the old photographs .  Herring boats powered by steam.  Which he can remember," Ah the Steamies."  And away he goes with all the wonderful memories and me hanging on his every word.

I can never understand why people move to a new area and do not involve themselves  with the local community and then complain about feeling  isolated.

Its all interlinked.  The chap in the hat is partner to my first, and only, art teacher here.  He is a stalwart of the Fraserburgh Heritage Society.  A fantastic Museum across the car park from the Lighthouse Museum.  

The one on the right is one of our neighbours and lives in what was the Gardeners Cottage of Cairness House. Large, stately home we can see from our sitting room window.    He is an artist.  He is also from the North of England, as we are.

The one at the rear is the Dawn Patroller.

The chap on the left is a photographer who I have met but obviously not enough to remember his name!  Still time.....

Not sure why I am rambling on - the photograph just set me off!

So this morning was the eclipse.  Sadly I didnt make the Breakfast at the Lighthouse.

But I did see it.  From my bedroom window.

 Grey clouds.  

Shortly after blue skies and the birds began singing again. 

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BadPenny said...

A rare sighting of The DP ! Too gloomy to see anything here ... then the sun came out !