Monday, 7 July 2014

Art - Camera and Brush.

Allelulia.  Pleurisy banished.  Thanks to my GP who had prescribed antibiotics for me to have at home ready for it.  PLUS my pulmonary physio reckons the fact that all my efforts (listening to Abba doh) in exercising has increased my oxygen levels, decreased heart rate, and generally fitter all over meant I could fight the .... I will not swear.

So the enforced rest has been not unpleasant.  

Eral the Great Horned Owl number 2.  Her' horns' are flattened behind her head.


Bit of fun in betweenst the serious stuff.  A Friesian Coo .  When finished it should look as if it is looking through a window, or over a fence, havent decided yet.


And finally Whooper Swans coming in to land.  I have had quite a few goes at this from a photo by the Dawn Patroller.  Perhaps this time I will be happy with the end result!  Not there yet.

More on the arty front.  The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses has the wonderful photographs by Ian Cowe.  His aim in life is to photograph every lighthouse up here.  Only a few left which tend to be inaccessible unless you have either a boat, helicopter or parachute.  How the Stevensons managed to build the damn things is a fascinating story.

Rattray Head Lighthouse above.

Kinnaird below, when the light was lit for the Queens jubilee.

Exhibiting at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses for the next two months.

In September it is the North East Open Studios.  My Wednesday morning art group take over.

Better crack on with the paintings.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm so very glad you're on the up again. Good for your GP. And your art is just fantastic, as always. Can't wait to see more of that coo...