Sunday, 6 February 2011

Peterhead Harbour.

The fish are on their way to the fish market.
Peterhead is the largest white fish port in Europe.
It is called the Bloo Toon. Blue being the colour of the fishermens' jerseys.
Years past they caught whales.
Nowadays there are also a lot of langoustines landed.
I drive alongside the harbour when I visit the supermarket. Looking at some of the ships I think fishermen have to be very brave to sail the seas. Some of the boats are rusty, and look inadequate for the task. Alongside are mini liners with all the latest technology. But they all go out and do the same job.
Also at the harbour are huge buildings for processing the catch. Unfortunately these are between the houses and guest houses and bed and breakfasts, many of them called, Sea View, Harbour View, Bay View. Sounds better than Factory View, but that is what they have today.
The Planners in this area have a lot to answer for.
In our quest to down size I often wonder if we should be looking at houses nearer the sea.
We are ten minutes away from sight of the sea.
There are some beautiful small fishing villages around. But they all seem to have very small gardens, if a garden at all. The descriptions are "Easily maintained, enclosed garden. Shed."
Currently with half an acre, which, yes, is now too big for us, I would still like to have some space with green in it.
And would you not get bored with looking at the sea?
Here we have strong awareness of the seasons. Ploughing now. Soon planting. The different crops. The harvest. There is also the variety of wildlife.
Not many pheasants or deer on the beach!
So for now the search continues inland.

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You make some good points - inland v sea that I had never considered.