Monday, 7 February 2011


Now trying to get my head round what we have to discard along the way.
I found this bed in a second hand shop almost forty years ago! It holds many memories. But it has to go.
The house we currently occupy has seven bedrooms. Six of which have beds in. The most we will require when we downsize is three.
Five bedrooms are 'fully furnished' with wardrobes, drawers, bedside tables, etc.
If our eventual purchasers wish to carry on the bed and breakfast we run then they may want to take on some of that furniture. Who our eventual purchasers are remains in the melting pot. But if they don't I have to organise getting rid of it all.
Equally the dining room furniture. Where there are two large tables, eight dining chairs, and a sideboard.
We have enough crockery to feed an army. Over and above what we use ourselves, I might add.
Then there is the snug. Our wee open fired sitting room. Two 'bucket' chairs, which I love, bought second hand and recovered by moi, I was so proud of myself. A huge coffee table, which I also love, ex Ikea, the one with spaces for storage baskets. And a standard lamp.
Occasional tables are dotted about as we have a large and long corridor and hallway. Together with an ancient treadle Singer sewing machine.
My bedroom is more a bedsit! I have a work station, where I sit now writing this. Two arm chairs, one of which is yet another example of my fledgling skills at reupholstering, so again, much affection! A large wooden chest, a tea trolley, which is my entertainment centre - t.v. d.v.d. player, piles of magazines, and a garden table and chairs overwintering.
Outside, in the garden are more tables and chairs, four sets at the last count, and a bench.
It would help, enormously, if I knew where we were downsizing to. At the moment our short list consists of one. The rest have been sold or disappeared. So along with all my other worries I am in the throes of more panic - what if all we can buy is a caravan!

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Lynn said...

Then it'd better be one hell of a big caravan?