Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Seeing and hearing.

Can you see the hearing aids?  Hope not.  But they are there.  And boy what a difference. Its like Niagara Falls n the loo. Crashing waves when I move. A drum roll when the cat skitters across the floor. And the Halleluia Chorus of bird song when I am in the shedudio is just - wow.

Just before we set off to have the hearing aids sorted I had a text from the optician to say my new glasses were in.  Too much excitement.  But I coped.  Not too sure about the choice of frames I made but hey ho. As I swanned out a little old lady with blue tinge perm looked horrified at me. Probably the same age as me and totally disapproved of my choice. Well I didnt much care for her severe black efforts either.

My new glasses will now enable me to complete this commission.  I have always been able to see to drive.  Since the cataract operation my long sight is back to 20/20 but the fine detail caused some eye ache and doubt. Now the new glasses have returned my vision to - well - just watch this space.


Terra Hangen said...

I can't see them. I have them too, and they are a blessing.

Anonymous said...

well I'm excited for you for sure,, to not be able to see is bad enough but to have your hearing messed up,, well thats just no good,, what a beautiful commission,,

Susan Heather said...

Love the new glasses and "no", you can't see the hearing aid.