Thursday, 28 April 2016


The photographs are by the Dawn Patroller.  

The Ythan Estuary The Ythan Estuary is the tidal component of the Ythan River, emptying into the North Sea 19 kilometres (12 mi) north ofAberdeen, Scotland. Wikepedia.

It is also a favourite for seal pupping.

Little Egret.

Grey Heron.

The DP takes the photographs and some of them I turn into a painting.

He enjoyed himself today.  He also saw Avocets but in the distance.

I enjoyed myself as I went to the hair dressers. Well I enjoyed the end result. NOT the instrument of torture to get there. The rubber hat and the hair being pulled through with a crochet needle.

When I finally got to breathe easily, after I had arrived at the salon, the lady waiting for her personal torture asked me if I was okay and why did I have the chariot.  So I explained about COPD and the chariot was a walking aid which really helped.  

She said, " I have incontinence."

And do you know what I said "You wont want to cough then."

I really should get my brain into gear.


Lilly's Mom said...

You made me laugh :)

justjill said...

Praise be someone who laughs at the same things I do - and say without thinking. x

Susan Heather said...

Another laugh here as well.

Anonymous said...

lovely hair!!
you made me laugh as well when you said she won't want to cough,,,

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot to say I think your painting is beautiful!! I love how you did that!