Sunday, 8 February 2015

February - already?

The days are now noticeably longer.  

The sun sets.  You can just see the shedudio at the back of the photo.  Earlier the sun was shining right into my eyes....Photograph taken from our dining room patio doors. And yes I am still learning how to use my new camera.....

Here is a similar timed one taken by a proper photographer.  This is Kinnaird Head Fraserburgh.  The original Lighthouse came into being in 1787.  Only lit on special occasions now.  To its left is the working lighthouse, boring wee edifice but necessary.  To the far left is the Fog Horn.  Which is a listed building, but sadly does not work anymore, not even on special occasions.  Pipes gone.  A bit like me.

 I have had an extremely tiring month.

 This chap's fault.  My mate I referred to in a previous post and some of you thought he had died.  Well he didnt.  He went on to another job in a much bigger museum than our Lighthouse.  

Though some of the cursing I have done since he went he should be pushing up daisies by now. 

 Full time job and more it has been managing the Museum.  In the last few weeks I have felt as if I was totally on my own.  Chair of the board sadly ill. Me - vice chair. Get on with it!

Howsomever. Tomorrow we have a new Museum Manager starting.  I can resume my normal life.

Filling up space in the Art Gallery at the Museum. I managed that. Tick.

Also the odd painting.

A Mountain Hare.  From a Photo by Paul Cain.


 And the Torville and Dean of the Swan fraternity.  From a photo by Avril Reid.

I am blessed with so many friends who are photographers and allow me to be inspired.

Not only that through being able to paint when possible has kept my sanity, well only just.

Then I realise - its February. Already.


Mum said...

I bet time passed by slowly while you were at the helm with all the added responsibility. You will be able to do as you please now that someone else is taking over. Did I say that? Of course you won't rest, you'll be just as busy as ever and soon February will be over and it will be nearly summer. So pleased that you are still sane. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, your paintings just get better and better! Hope you can gear down a bit now...although you seem to thrive on being a human dynamo! :) xxx

BadPenny said...

ooh your swans are divine.. I think you should paint more & stress about lighthouse less xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful golden winter light... That painting isn't at all odd, Jill! Seriously, you are so talented. Just please look after yourself!