Friday, 20 May 2016

Balance the minus with a plus.

I thought I better do a catch up.  I like my blogging to be upbeat and fun.  Sometimes its difficult to be positive and look at the funny side.  Perhaps by saying what is to follow will help me get back to that place.

COPD is life limiting not life threatening.  What I didnt expect was how limiting that would become.

Most days I cannot walk without the chariot.

That includes in the house as well as outside.  To understand what COPD is like put a straw in your mouth and then use that to breathe while carrying on. Thats the training the pulmonary physios get.

But every day, unless there is over a 20 mph wind I head off to the beach and walk the Esplanade until I/the chariot can get no further

The sea air is of great benefit.  Although my walk is punctuated by me hanging over the fence and regaining control of my breathing I always feel so much better afterwards. During the walk I view many, many pleasurable sights birds, surfers, kids playing, dogs being walked, kites flying, or more often plummeting !

My day consists of getting up and having breakfast.  This is provided by the Dawn Patroller.  He has already done his dawn patrol.  And brings back his amazing photographs  He does all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, bed changing, feeds the cat, and carries things for me.  He does everything that would cause me to struggle to breathe.  He hasnt yet taken over my being able to talk!  I can still manage my own ablutions and dressing altho it takes a while. After lunch I go for my walk and then on returning its down the shed and paint.

The garden is blooming like everyone elses.

View from my seat in the shedudio.

Sith our cat.

My pride and joy the Rogersii.

Nice to see that most of what is blooming I planted before I lost the welly.  The DP is now doing the weeding and planting of perennials.  He is replacing the lavenders at the moment, having planted up the pots and troughs.

From the shedudio I also get a great deal of pleasure from the garden birds.

This year, a first we have Redpolls.  First one, then two, now we have 2 pairs and young ones.

The pair, bit blurred.


Male Siskin.

During and after our evening meal.

As I said at the beginning.  Balance the minus with a plus. 


Anonymous said...

you have an amazing attitude for this life limiting this,, I feel so bad, I wish there was something that could be done,,
you have beautiful surroundings and have created a beautiful garden, thank goodness you still have your art!
Its beautiful,

Terra Hangen said...

I like this peek into your daily routine. You and the Dawn Patroller are a great combo and you are finding the energy to take your walk along the sea, and to paint in the Shedudio (great word).

Mac n' Janet said...

Both of my sisters have COPD, one has given in and just sits, the other pushes her limits and does as much as she can. Attitude is so important.

Mum said...

Your scenery on your walk is breath taking (whoops!) and your garden equally so. Keep savouring what you have - a wonderful DH, and the ability to pursue your hobbies - painting and celebrating the day.

rusty duck said...

It's a wonderful place to walk. And summer is coming.

BadPenny said...

Good for you to keep walking. so glad you have your painting, plants, birds and a drop of the red stuff xx

Anonymous said...

Good for you (and the DP). Keep talking, keep walking. Despite limitations and disappointments, there is still so much good to treasure in life. And that top of photo of you is great! Take care X