Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Return of the Dawn Patroller.

He is back. Jet lagged. Exhausted. 

 This was tonight. The wood burner lit in July.  Although I too was feeling the unseasonal chill.  And I hadnt been anywhere tropical.

A proper wild Orang Utang.  To see this involved tramps in the jungle,  camping in the jungle, eating in the jungle and c******g in the jungle.  Quite exhausting. 

A bit of R and R was factored in.

The view from his bungalow.  Pity he also shared it with bed bugs.

So - all in all quite an adventure.  Not many birds as they were at the top of the trees in the jungle.  So the expensive book "Sumatran Birds" was the only views he got.

But he is back. Safe. Jet lagged and tired. But back.



Terra said...

What a rare gift to see wild orang utangs in the beautiful setting.

BadPenny said...

It was chilly last night ! Must have been a marvelous trip x

Mum said...

Welcome home Dawn Patroller. Hope there are no bed bugs tonight.