Monday, 14 May 2012

Organising. (and other stuff).

Chiff Chaff singing.

Jackdaw eating, just look at that eye, awesome.

Awwww Little Bunny.

A new visitor in the field to the front of us.

In the harbour today was this boat I have seen on a number of occasions and thought what a smart boat.

And it is called the Chloe May.  Two of my daughters are named Chloe and Amy, so... switch the letters round and the boat is even more beautiful!

In the morning while the DP was off shooting his camera at everything that moved or didnt, I was cleaning, ironing, sorting my wardrobe (closet) out.  Decided to go for colour coding (what a laugh -  nothing matches).  Tomorrow is to be a green day, well, with a bit of red and blue.....
I then went down the shed.  
Now the big garden table is out and all the tools into the man shed I got going with sweeping brush, hooks, hammer and nails.  Broke the sweeping brush, and three of my nails before I gave up.

This table cloth is one of those plastic efforts with a backing, and I am going to cut it with pinking shears.

I even started making a sign.

My art stuff is now sorted on to two ancient tea trolleys.  Which can be shoved out of the way, or pulled alongside my painting table.

Can this really be me?  Organising?

Ah ah - no wine rack.  Not there yet.


christinelaennec said...

Wow I love your sign! And I am very jealous of your shed... We have had a bit of an organisational feeling at our house as well. But 'we lay down until the feeling passed'!

BadPenny said...

Is that Jackdaw eating porridge like all good Scots ?!
Wow your shed is wonderful. I was writing about my grandparents' tea trolly on a blog yesterday- just like your wooden one.

Jill Chandler said...

Christine - If I laid down I would never get up again! In the day that is.
Penny - yes it is porridge. When we packed in b&b I couldnt understand why porridge continually came back from the supermarket. Then I found out. Not just the DP most mornings but every feathered thing from miles around.